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Why Boudoir Photography Is Right For You

Boudoir photography is for all women of all ages and sizes. As women, we need to celebrate who we are and what we have accomplished. Weather you are a mother, a business woman, or a woman that wants to have the experience of a lifetime, boudoir is for you.

Your Boudoir Experience

When you book your boudoir experience, be certain that you will be pampered with a Pro hair & Makeup session, along with wardrobe advice and a 1 hour photo shoot. It will be an amazing time for you. Not only that, you will have some beautiful art work of yourself to enjoy for years to come. You decided what to wear. If you are more conservative and you would like to be covered up a bit more, then that’s great! I always tell my ladies, to stay true to your style, so that you will feel the most comfortable during your shoot. Some of my clients enjoy photo sessions at important times of their life. For instance, their wedding, a pregnancy, or turning a certain age that you will want to remember with photo’s. Just remember, you have worked hard in your life! You deserve this for yourself!

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Want More Information?

Our Boudoir planner is full of information about booking and preparing for your boudoir experience. Plus, it has our complete pricing guide.

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