What Are The Characteristics Of A Strong Woman – Toronto Boudoir

What Are The Characteristics Of A Strong Woman – Toronto Boudoir
What are the characteristics of a strong woman?

What are the characteristics of a STRONG Woman?

I think for so long strength meant being Miss Independent. It meant doing all things for all the people. It meant having your ish together—or at least publicly wearing a shiny, filtered mask of perfection…

For me, it’s not about showing that I have all my ish together, because somedays I just feel like I don’t. For me, it’s showing up and getting all the ish done and not having the excuses to not make all my dreams come true. It’s ok to have off days we all do. It’s even better to share your off days sometimes because it shows that we are human.

To admit weakness requires strength.

That to let others into our imperfections allows us to be supported and held. And then, in turn, we can support them when they need it.

So today I want to challenge you—leave your mask of perfection at home. How can we together embrace the courage it takes to be vulnerable…

Remember in our weaknesses there is strength, recognizing our weaknesses will help us rise to the next stage in life.

Where do you feel weak today and how can we lift you up?

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