What 18 Years Together Really Looks Like

What 18 Years Together Really Looks Like

We met when I was 29, I wasn’t even thinking about a serious relationship. I had been down that road, and I didn’t end well.

After about 6 years of dating we decided to tie the knot. 2 kids later, we are still in love and enjoying our family.

We had some difficult times in the beginning, but we worked it all out. I am so happy this guy stood by my side, through thick and thin.

If you would have told me that I would be remarried with 2 more kids, I would have told you are crazy. After my divorce I was dead set on being single and raising my 2 kids. I wanted to be free and independent and was not at all contemplating tying the knot again.

After spending 2 years being single, I met my husband. Then spending 6 years living on my own before we got married. I am so thankful for that time and space being on my own, discovering who I was, building my confidence after being in an abusive relationship. Being a single mom wasn’t easy, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Those years alone taught me just how strong I really am! After that time alone, I was finally ready to settle down again with my amazing husband!

Our IVF Journey

Then 2 other kids came along, I’m so happy they did!

I had my tubes tied after my divorce because I wasn’t wanting more kids. when my husband and I got married we thought about untying them, but after much consideration we decided to try IVF. We did 3 cycles in total. First we tried the long cycle and we were blessed with our daughter.

We then did an FET of 3 embryos and got nothing. I then tried a natural cycle and we came up empty handed
I then decided to try another long cycle, that had worked for us in the first place. We got pregnant with our son.
So, my lesson was, not to close out possibilities in life. You never know what may happen

Lesson learned 😊

Whats a lesson you have learned in life that really hit home? Would love to hear about it and connect with you!

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