Trying Times – Thank You To All Our Front Line Workers

Trying Times – Thank You To All Our Front Line Workers

Hey friend, times sure have changed. It seems like it all happened over night, even though we saw it happening in other parts of the world before it arrived on our doorstep. Life has changed for all of us. Some more then others.

My life has changed also. I am no longer taking photos of my gorgeous clients. I am now homeschooling my 2 youngest kids. From math to history and baking class, we are covering it all. Keeping a daily schedule has helped me tremendously. It keeps the kids on track and keeps me sane. The change that has happened for me is nothing compared to what others are facing right now.

I really wanted to say thank you to all of our front line workers. The ones that are out in our hospitals, our doctors and nurses that are risking their lives everyday to care for people. I spoke with a friend of mine who is a single mom or 2 teenagers. She is a nurse and has to go into work to care for very sick patients. She is scared everyday and so are her kids. There are so many heartbreaking stories right now. I wanted to thank all of you who are doing the job that no body wants to do. I pray that you all take care and keep safe and stay healthy.

God Bless!



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