Stop Chasing Perfection – Toronto Boudoir Photography

Stop Chasing Perfection – Toronto Boudoir Photography

I am a total type A personality and it took me a long time to let go of certain things. Perfection can cause some limitations because sometimes in life you set the benchmarks too high to achieve.

Stop Chasing Perfection - Toronto Boudoir Photography


I hear you friend, life is busy, not much time for yourself. Why make it more difficult, by adding more stress to your life, in hopes of achieving perfection. Am I right? Yes, we all have goals and that’s a good thing, but when we start to obsess over things that are beyond our control, then this isn’t very healthy. There’s nothing wrong with that desire if you define perfection on your own terms in a healthy way.

My simple definition of perfection is like a carrot on the end of a stick mounted to your head. You keep thinking you can grab it if you run hard enough, sometimes you can get a little taste of it, but it’s never enough.

Sometimes, you want the whole thing, and even if you get that, right around the corner is another carrot waiting to be chased. You’ll grow more and more frustrated when you chase perfection.

Achieving Happiness

Do you know that when you’re happy, everything should be perfect? So if aiming for perfection has been an issue for you, just focus on the positive and be happy where you are at right now..  Perhaps you are waiting for the perfect time to start that new business venture, or maybe go away on a dream trip? But maybe you just aren’t ready yet, or something just isn’t aligning for you. Sometimes you just have to take action, to get things rolling, and not wait for the perfect time. What do you think?

Let me share a short story, there was a time I wouldn’t invite guests to my house unless it was thoroughly cleaned within a day or two – as if someone would really notice the dust bunny lurking on the floor behind the toilet. Surely, it would spoil their evening and any image of perfection they had of me. I know, with kids around, that just went out the window. My grandmother always used to tell me.. “Tania, your kids won’t remember how clean your floors were, but they will remember how you spent time with them. She was so right.

So, stop waiting! Go and get that job you’ve always wanted, stop waiting for the perfect time to make your mark on the world. I am here cheering you on!

Know that your imperfections are what make you unique, vulnerable and loving- those are the qualities in life worth pursuing.

In conclusion, when you stop chasing perfection you will start feeling happy and grateful, start living your life fully, achieving more, and start feeling more positive.


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