Preparing For Your Boudoir Shoot – Toronto Boudoir Photographer

Preparing For Your Boudoir Shoot – Toronto Boudoir Photographer

You have just booked your boudoir shoot, now you have to find something to wear! I always say, look at what you have in your current wardrobe first! Then you can always go and do some shopping and add to what you have. If you have nothing in your current closet, don’t worry!! You can always enjoy a day of shopping! So depending on your body type, you will want to choose clothing that will flatter your figure.


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Be sure you are all set to go for hair & makeup
Exfoliation: Face and Lips!
Start your exfoliation routine about 2 weeks before your shoot date. Your makeup will glide on better and will look better on camera. Aim to exfoliate 2 times per week.  You can do this with just a washcloth and cleanser, or you can use a gentle scrub. Don’t rub too hard! Focus on the nose–dead skin cells tend to gather in those crevices. Use a sugar-and-oil scrub your lips to get rid of dead, chapped, flakey skin on your lips for a flawless lip color application!
Brows & Facial Hair Removal
Please have your brows groomed –5 days your shoot. If you have them done to close to your shoot, you could still have redness, plus the makeup won’t apply properly to your skin. Having cleaned-up brows will make a world of difference in how your eyes and whole face will look! Remove any other unwanted hair beforehand, too. It makes a difference for how the makeup will lay on the face and blend into the skin.
Moisture and Hydration
Moisture is KEY! Hopefully you’re doing this every morning and every night. Whether you do or don’t, moisturize the night before AND morning of your shoot. Also, try to drink plenty of water the day before and day of your shoot. Moisturized, hydrated skin is smoother and fills out fine lines and plumps up the skin, PLUS it keeps it looking beautiful. You may even want to add a hydrating serum to your routine about a month leading up to your shoot.
Hair Preparation
Arrive with clean (from the morning or night before at the latest), dry hair, worn down, with no marks/dents in it from being worn up. If you can add in mousse, gel or any texturizing product while it is still damp, after it has been washed, before it has been dried, that can be helpful, but don’t worry if you don’t have anything. Do NOT come with straight-ironed hair unless you want a straight hairstyle; If you want soft waves or curls, the previously straightened hair will make it more difficult to achieve.
Hair & skin prep for your boudoir experience
This will be a workout, be mentally prepared to work your butt off!

Your body will be in poses that it normally is not in, which can be a work out! Just trust that even if it feels uncomfortable, we know how to pose you so that you look amazing! Perhaps do a little stretch the morning of your shoot, just for a quick warm up.

Always bring a bra and panty set

A simple bra and panty set can be a great fresh and clean look to go along with your other outfits. You can also bring in a pretty Kimono or robe to cover up a bit if you feel shy!

Bring sentimental items

Perhaps you have a special neck lace or ring or hat that you want to be photographed in. Please bring all items with you and we will work them into your shoot.

Don’t forget the accessories, heels and jewelry!

Don’t forget your heels, and your necklaces! You can bring hair pieces, socks, or even men’s ties! Oh and you can even bring body jewelry too.


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