Over Coming My Lack Of Confidence- Toronto Boudoir Photography

Over Coming My Lack Of Confidence- Toronto Boudoir Photography

Over Coming My Lack Of Confidence - Best Portrait Photographers Toronto
Toronto Boudoir Photography - Verveine Studios

This girl right here may have looked happy on the outside, but I wasn’t always happy on the inside.

My life didn’t always make sense to me! I wasn’t always sure of myself, or of who I was.
For years I was broken in so many ways. A product of my upbringing.
I think it’s important to share our stories and our life’s journey with people, to tell our story and shed light on what really makes us who we are.

As a child raised by an alcoholic, my life was very uncertain day to day. Moving around from place to place, not knowing what was going to happen next. I needed an escape so I got into the wrong crowd and was headed down a dark path. I then married a much older man, to fill the void and to escape my family life. It was good for a while but that also turned into a controlling abusive relationship. Then I quickly realized, I needed look to myself to heal, not to anyone else.

I felt unworthy, broken and lost as a person. But I broke away and stated a new life for myself. It’s been an amazing journey and I’m so happy that I took the steps I needed to get to where I am today!

Now I’m not sharing this with you, so you can feel sorry for me. I want to encourage you. I want you to know that no matter what has happened to you, or what you may think about yourself, you are worthy! You my friend have it in you, to make the difference in YOUR life!! We can choose to feel sorry for ourselves, and I did that for a moment back in the day. Or you can use that fear and trauma of your circumstances to power you forward to where you want be in life.

I decided when I was 24 to make a change for myself! I started reading self help books and reading really changed my life. It taught me so many lessons about my self worth and also how to deal with the feelings I was having. I also believe in god and he helped me along the way too!

So my friend, you and you alone are the creator of your life!! You have the power to be your own advocate, your own teacher!
You have the power to make a change!

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