Lingerie For The Curvy Bod – Best Boudoir Photography Toronto

Lingerie for the curvy bod - best boudoir photography Toronto
Lingerie For The Curvy Bod – Best Boudoir Photography Toronto

If you have been contemplating booking a Boudoir Experience but you aren’t sure what will look good on your gorgeous curvy body. No need to worry my friend. There are so many beautiful options out there for you. Your body is a temple and should be celebrated today and always.

What Will Look Good

There are so many wonderful things to choose from. You are not limited to covering up either. Take a look at the options below. I think you will love these.

Lingerie For The Curvy Body

This is such a gorgeous option for your Boudoir Experience. This piece offers a push-up and support for the girls. It shapes the body so nicely and cinches the waist in too. What do you think?

Curvy Body

I have seen so many beautiful 2 piece options that are to die for. I absolutely love the colour of this, it will photograph so beautifully! Not to mention it will enhance your curves well while offering a nice boost up top. You can find an outfit like this over at Torrid. There are several store locations in The Toronto area also, just Google to check them out.

Lingerie For Curvy Body

This is also a fabulous option. A deep plunging neckline is great for many body types. Black lace also photographs really well. This particular piece has a bit of a thong in behind. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try some different things on, you never know until you try!

Remember to have fun with this! Keep in mind, that this is your Boudoir Experience and you get to rock whatever you feel is YOU!



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