Should You Hiring A Pro MUA For Your Wedding?

Why you should hire a pro hair and makeup artist for your wedding day | Toronto wedding photographers

Why you should hire a pro hair and makeup artist for your wedding day

I say absolutely yes, hire an MUA for your wedding day!  After all, this is your wedding day we are talking about here.  You will want to take the stress out of the day by hiring a Pro MUA and Hair artist. Doing so will ensure that you look your absolute best on your special day.  Your makeup artist is trained in how to work with all different skin types, and how to make your skin look radiant both in person and in photos. If you fail to have the correct colours and the wrong makeup application, your photo’s may not turn out as well as they could have. You will want to choose a couple of artists and go in for a trial run and see who you click with the best. Perhaps you may even want to have your trial on the same day you have your engagement photo’s. By doing so, you get to test out how your makeup will look in photos. Now, not all Pro MUA and hair hairstylists are created equally.

What To Look For

You really will want to do your research to find the right artist for you. Find out how long they have been in the industry working with brides. What type of training they have under their belts. Are they a licensed hairdresser or how much training in hair styling do they have? All these things will make a difference in how much you pay. If you just look at the price alone, you could be missing out on beautiful work for your wedding day. I know sometimes budgets are tight, but can you afford not to look super extra stunning on your wedding day? For some ladies, it’s not as important and I get that! Just remember that you will be looking back at your photos years from now, and if your hair and makeup weren’t done properly then you maybe upset. So, sometimes paying a bit more for your Pro Hair and MUA is well worth in the long run!



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