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Preparing Skin for Your Photo Shoot

Your beauty routine will leading up to your boudoir photo shoot is super important. This is essential especially if you are doing a boudoir shoot. For a boudoir shoot you will be showing a lot of skin especially legs. For this reason you want to ensure that your legs are looking their very best from every angle possible.

Here are a few of our recommendations when it comes to preparing your skin for a boudoir shoot.

Essential Beauty Tips in Toronto by Verveine Studios | Boudoir Photographer

1. Exfoliate

You want to exfoliate your skin for at least two days in a row before your shoot. If you have sensitive skin, you want to make sure you are very gentle so your skin will be in the best conditions the day of your shoot. By removing any dead skin that you may have your skin will have appear more radiant which is what you want for the day of your shoot.

2. Waxing/Hair removal

About 2-3 days before your shoot you want to wax your skin to remove any hair you may have. We recommend waxing as it does remove hair straight from the root and does not leave an extra shadow of stubble like shaving does. However, your favorite method of hair removal will work just fine. We do suggest you remove hair from all areas that will be captured on camera.

3. Moisturizing

Moisturizing is key when you will be showing skin. Your skin should look hydrated with a natural glow to it. You want to make sure your skin does not have any dry areas as the camera will pick up on them. We recommend using a thick moisturizer to ensure your skin is appears it’s very best.

4. Manicure

When it comes to your nails you want to go ahead and treat yourself to a manicure. It’s essential to remember that every little detail counts. Things such as chipped nail polish can through off a nearly perfect shoot. Color wise choose a color that you feel represents you. For example if you love nude polish choose a nude polish. Before a shoot is not the time to experiment with colors. The reason being if you do not like the color of your nail polish you will not ne content with the way your hands and feel look.

5. No self tanners

Last but definitely not least we do not recommend a self tanners. Although they may be a great way to get a sun kissed glow without the harmful rays of the sun. They tend to show up on camera as an orange overlay on the skin. This may change the way your photos turn out.We want to make sure you are photographed in the best lighting possible.
When it comes to your beauty routine for your scheduled boudoir shoot you want to make sure your skin is looking it’s very best from head to toe. Remember the better your skin looks and feels the better it will appear on camera. By following these recommendations, you are sure to have radiant skin for your next shoot with us.


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