Creating Calm In Uncertain Times – Toronto Boudoir Photographers

Creating Calm In Uncertain Times – Toronto Boudoir Photographers

The first 2 weeks of the isolation I think have been the most difficult for my family to date. Trying to figure out kids’ schedules, my business and our new way of life were a bit overwhelming. I made kids’ new school schedule, made my new business routines and got things going. That was all fine, but I was still feeling out of sorts about the new normal. Missing my clients, missing my gym workouts, missing time alone during the day when the kids are at school.. Just plain missing my old life. I realized that there were many things I was so grateful for. Our minds are like a garden. What we plant and water can have a very real impact on our lives. I wanted to go forward in this new life feeling happy and full of gratitude. For this to happen I needed to shift and pivot my mind just a bit.

Thinking Positive

Making a major shift can be challenging in the best of times. We must learn to adapt to our situations for our own health and wellbeing. So instead of thinking negative thoughts, I started to focus on the positive. So ask yourself, are you telling yourself, I am afraid to go out? I am afraid to get sick? Instead, tell yourself that you are healthy and you are going to do the things that will lead to a healthy body and mind. Order a good positive book, or listen to a great podcast. Watch less news that can trigger negative feelings. The great part about all this is that you are in control of your mind and how you are feeding it. It is up to you what you watch, read and listen to and tell yourself. Start doing the positive, start making the change. You will be surprised all the good that will happen when you pivot your mindset!

Be safe and happy!!

Much health and love



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