Boudoir Is For Every Women by Verveine Studios | Boudoir Toronto


Boudoir Is For Every Women by Verveine Studios

Realizing you are beautiful and worth it right now is so important! Booking your very own boudoir session will help you realize this truth about yourself.   That’s why boudoir is for every body and every women. When someone reaches out to me to inquire about booking a session, they always ask me if they are to big, do I photograph plus size ladies. The answer is YES! I photography ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes. Boudoir to me is an experience. It’s an expression of you. It’s an experience to confirm and show you just how wonderful you are right now!


Boudoir is for every women in Toronto | Boudoir photography Toronto

My Boudoir Experience

Being a female boudoir photographer, I can tell you first hand just how empowering a boudoir session is! I have my own boudoir experiences on a regular bases. My very first session was when I turned 28. Just separated from my ex husband. I had 2 kids and was a single mom. After being in a difficult marriage for so long and having 2 kids, I really wanted to feel like ME again. So I booked a shoot. Just getting my hair and makeup done was so amazing. Putting on some non mom clothing was such a treat! Perfect! What was perfect was that I wanted to celebrate my beauty, my true essence. Sporting a flabby tummy full of stretch marks, not perfect at all, but perfectly imperfect! I didn’t care, I wanted to feel like a million bucks and celebrate my freedom from my marriage. So you see, you don’t have to wait until things are perfect.

Seeing Yourself As Beautiful

Every body is beautiful! All bodies should be celebrated, at every stage in life. That’s what I believe in my heart. Our bodies should be celebrated for the amazing things that it does for us everyday. Also celebrating the soul and embracing our true selves is what women tell me happens after they experience a boudoir session.

Why I Became A Boudoir Photographer

I love photography and when I started Verveine Studios, I wanted to show other women that they were special. That happens through my boudoir sessions. It’s more then just photos, it truly is an experience you won’t forget. Remember, to love yourself! #effyourbeautystands is really a hash tag I believe in and use often. Because, there are no beauty standards. YOU are the beauty standard!! Believe it and live it.


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