Boudoir Photography | Beauty & Confidence

Boudoir Photography | Beauty & Confidence

Boudoir Photography in Toronto | Verveine Studios

Confidence is one of those things that take up a lot of effort to build up, and that is where boudoir photography comes in. Unless and until you posses an inherently uncanny streak of confidence, in which case you should totally let us know your secret, you are probably one of the many women who look at the mirror and begin the self doubt. Boudoir photography can and will build self confidence.

The standards of beauty set are just impossible to achieve.

Be flawless, makeup on point, have no freckles. Be a zero figure but have curves. Have nice plump lips. But don’t look slutty. Your hair is too short. It is too thin. You are too thin. Are these any standards at all?

Women spend over 7 billion dollars every year trying to cover up these “faults”. You look at yourself and you see that there so many things you need to fix. You feel the need to look perfect. And you keep criticizing your reflection and before you realize what is happening, you are harboring self-hatred.

Especially in a city like Toronto, filled with such diversity from all over the world. All women face this exact same self-doubt, and it can be quite a task to get over it with all the different and contradictory messages that you are bombarded with every day that push you towards thinking that you can never really be beautiful.

Embrace Your Self

How about you don’t listen to them?

Strip off, look at yourself and love every single bit of  YOU? Instead of telling yourself that you are unworthy, tell yourself you are perfect. Dress up, dress down, fix your hair, don’t fix your hair, just be you and smile.

You have the power to look the way you want.

Boudoir Photography is one of the best ways to start with this self esteem.

A maximum number of women who partake in boudoir photography are doing it for themselves. It is an experience of a lifetime and it will allow you to look at yourself in a very intimate and raw aspect.

And you will forever carry an image of yourself that reminds you that you are sexy. You are beautiful. You are confident. Celebrate your own beauty and allow yourself to feel sexy and gorgeous, instead of being perfect.

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