3 Ways To Stop Negative Self Talk – Toronto Boudoir

3 Ways To Stop Negative Self Talk – Toronto Boudoir

Even the most positive aware person has day’s of self doubt and negative talk. It happens! It is normal, because we are human. I also want you to know, that you can decrease those day’s by following my 3 tips below.



Be Aware Of The Critic

If you find yourself falling into a negative self talk pattern, then we want to jump out of this downhill slide as soon as possible. Remember, we are creatures of habit and if we don’t keep up with those positive habit forming way’s, we can fall into that negative mindset.

Pay attention to your feelings when you wake up. Ask yourself, how are you feeling each morning. Being aware of your feelings each day, will start you off in the right direction.

Pay attention to what you are telling yourself. For instance, are you telling yourself that you are going to cease the day? Or are you saying to yourself, that you are amazing? Catch yourself in those thoughts and be aware then the critic starts to slide in. Keep a journal handy and write down what you are feeling, or what you just said to yourself. Keeping a journal will be helpful in keeping you mindful of what you are saying.

Separate YOU From The Inner Critic

Your inner critic is actually a learned way of being from your passed. So somewhere a long the way, someone or something made you feel this way about yourself. I want you to know, this is not who you really are. You are a divine being and one with much potential! You just don’t see that yet. We must block or delete people from our lives that don’t Aline with where are want to go. Never stand for abuse of any kind, EVER!

Replace The Critic

We must start our day with a strong inner voice. I write down in my journal an affirmation to myself. I read this affirmation 2 times per day. Once when I wake up, and once before I go to sleep at night. By jotting down what you want in life, or how you want to feel about yourself, you will manifest you what it is you want. Putting it out into the universe is so key to getting what you want. Once you implement this, your day’s will be a lot more positive and that critic will be leaving you, once and for all. If something negative pop’s up during your day, chase it away with a positive thought about how amazing you are, or how far you have come.


3 Ways To Stop Negative Self Talk - Toronto Boudoir, 3 Ways To Stop Negative Self Talk – Toronto Boudoir

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